The City Council at Star City approved year-end bonuses for city employees and members of the volunteer fire department during their meeting Monday.

According to the Lincoln Ledger newspaper, the council approved $500 bonuses for full-time city employees and $250 for part-time employees. Volunteer firefighters who completed at least 50 percent of their meetings will receive $50 plus an additional $10 for each year of service. Firefighters who did not complete at least 50 percent of their meetings will receive $50.

Also at the meeting, Fire Chief Don Woodyard was given permission to purchase a new ladder truck for the department. He said the current ladder truck was broken and getting parts to repair it are getting difficult to find.

The council approved Woodward spending $16,500 out of Act 833 funds to buy a 1000 E-1 Platoon ladder truck. The existing truck, which originally belonged to the Arkansas Forestry Commission, will be returned to them.