Last Sunday, police arrested Brittany Snow after she entered a local church talking about demons and saying someone was going to die.

A few days later, she evaded an Arkansas State Trooper for several miles before being arrested again.

Trooper Darryle Hinton attempted to stop a black Chevrolet TrailBlazer with no license plate Thursday on U.S. 65 south near the Dollar General.

Hinton wrote in a probable cause affidavit presented in district court Friday that shortly after initiating the traffic stop (turning on his blue lights), the driver, later identified as Snow, refused to stop as the vehicle she was driving headed toward Interstate 530.

He said he pulled his patrol unit up beside Snow’s vehicle and told her she needed to pull over, but he said  that she said “she didn’t know me and was not going to stop.”

He said Snow pulled into the trailer park directly across from RV City and stopped, but when he got out of his car to talk to her, she drove off. Hinton got back into his car and tried to cut her off, but she began to back up and then drove through the trailer park, passed the office and out near an exit, where she stopped again, as he approached her car she sped off again.

“Once she sped off, I ran back to my patrol unit and proceeded after her,” Hinton said in the affidavit. “Snow then exited the trailer park community, got back on U.S. Highway 65 south, and that’s when I advised Troop E dispatch that I was in pursuit.”

Hinton said Snow was “all over the roadway,” then abruptly hit her brakes, causing the front of his push bumper to make contact with the rear of her vehicle. He said he attempted to PIT Snow’s vehicle on the driver’s side, but while getting in position, Snow abruptly hit her brakes again, causing her vehicle to be slightly to the rear right of the patrol car.

“After getting slightly behind me, she then rammed her left front side of her vehicle to the rear right side of my patrol unit causing functional damage to both vehicles,” Hinton said in the report.

Both vehicles continued traveling south on Arkansas 530, and Hinton reported that after they passed Bayou Bartholomew, he was able to push Snow’s vehicle off the roadway and into a ditch on the left side of the roadway.

However, she was able to get out of the ditch and back on the roadway. He said he tried to PIT Snow’s vehicle again, this time on the passenger side, but failed and lost control of his car, which left the roadway on the right side.

Hinton said he let dispatch know that his vehicle was disabled and pulled off the roadway. While checking his vehicle, he said several motorists stopped and told him that the other vehicle was “just up the road stopped and the female was running into the woods.”

He said he was able to fix what he could on his vehicle and drove to where Snow’s vehicle was located, which was at the Pinebergen exit on Arkansas 530, a mile from where Hinton had stopped.

During an inventory of her vehicle, Hinton reported finding a gram of methamphetamine in a cigarette box under the driver’s seat, a makeshift pipe in her purse in the backseat and an opened pack of seven syringes in a bag of luggage in the rear of the vehicle.

Damage to each vehicle was estimated at $4,500.

On Friday, Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set a $50,000 cash-only bond for Snow after ruling prosecutors have probable cause to charge her with aggravated assault, felony fleeing and possession of a Schedule I/II controlled substance methamphetamine or cocaine.

In the previous incident, Snow walked into a church on Griderfield-Ladd Road and, according to a member of the congregation, “began speaking demonically” and saying “someone is going to die.”

She told a police officer who responded to the reported disturbance that the members of the church were “all the devil’s children” and that she was “there to take a soul.”

After she was placed in handcuffs, police searched the truck she had been driving and found a glass smoking pipe with burn marks and a substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine.