Of course Pink‘s concerts are filled with great music, dancing and death-defying stunts. But Pink says another reason you should go see her on her Summer Carnival Tour, which starts up again in June, is to admire her butt.

She posted a video on Instagram giving a behind-the-scenes look at the tour, including several shots of her wearing scanty outfits that show off her booty. “I have so much a** in this show,” she says. “This is the most a**-alicious show.”

“And you know what? F*****’ A right, doggie daddy! I worked for that booty,” she laughs. “The world needs more 44-year-old booty.”

In the video you can see Pink rehearsing, working out, practicing her aerial stunts, playing with her kids backstage and then performing during the actual show. It’s all set to “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” the first single from her most recent album, Trustfall, and ends with a shot of Pink wearing a jacket with “Kiss My” written across the back.

The 2024 leg of the Summer Carnival Tour kicks off June 11 in Cardiff, Wales, with opening acts The Script and GAYLE. After traveling through Europe, it’ll arrive in North America August 10, with opening acts The Script and Sheryl Crow. Pink’s daughter, Willow, will also be joining her onstage every night for a song or two.

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