When Whoopi Goldberg recently mentioned she’d love a third Sister Act film to star Keke Palmer — as well as Lizzo and Nicki Minaj — Keke was listening.

In a conversation with the Los Angeles Times’ The Envelope podcast, the recent SNL host and recently revealed mom-to-be says she’s all in.


“My reaction was, ‘Whoopi, where do I sign on the dotted line?"” Keke enthused. “Because Whoopi, I’m ready. I’m ready for whatever that you need from me.”

Palmer explained, “Whoopi is an EGOT winner. Whoopi had her own one-woman show. Whoopi hosted the Oscars. Whoopi is everything! So for her to mention me for the Sister Act, I mean, I’m here, I’m there for whatever that needs to be done, just call me up.”

Whoopi name-dropped Keke back in October on Charlamagne tha God‘s Comedy Central talk show, adding of the possible threequel, “You know, I want everybody to come in. I want Lizzo to come in, I want everybody. I want the girl with the chest, what’s her name? Nicki [Minaj], I want Nicki to come!”


The View co-host said, “I want as many people who wanna have some fun, ’cause I really, desperately need to have some fun.”

For her part, Keke passed along a fan-made poster that featured Goldberg’s photo in costume, along with Palmer’s name. She noted, “God bless y’all for this manifestation over my life. @WaltDisneyCo, this is what they asked for I’m just here to relay,” referencing the studio that produced the film, which is ABC News’ parent company.

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