By Ray King

Former Pine Bluff Police Chief and current City Council member Ivan Whitfield on Monday said he wanted to clear up some misconceptions members of the public apparently have about his involvement in the selection of the next police chief for the city.

Appearing on TalkBack Live with Floyd Donald, Whitfield said.

Whitfield went on to say that the candidate, Robert Jones, spent three days in Pine Bluff but only a small portion of that time with current members of the department.

He also relayed a story he had heard from a person who works at the department about a meeting between Jones and Interim Chief Kelvin Hadley that ended abruptly.

Whitfield said he supported the selection of Jones but only if Jones would accept the job at the same salary that current Chief Kelvin Sergeant is paid. If more money is involved, Whitfield said he would have a problem. The only way that the salary could be raised would be with the approval of the council.