The White Hall athletic department is reporting that a student-athlete from the district has tested positive for the Coronavirus. Director of Athletics and head football coach Bobby Bolding shared the information on his Facebook page.

“We do have a student in athletics that tested positive for COVID,” said Bolding. “The district has notified the CDC per the law and parents of all the students who were in contact have been contacted and quarantined. All facilities involving the student will be sanitized.”

Bolding also shared the guidelines the district is following.

  1. HIPPA laws prevent us from calling names.
  2. When notified of an athlete with COVID- we are required to first contact Dept of health. They tell us exactly what to do.
  3. The district has a point of contact (required by all school districts). This is the person handling all phone calls and relating all info.
  4. I’ll post relevant info

    As for quarantine- anyone in contact with an infected person (within 6 ft of contracted person for 15 continuous minutes) will be quarantined.

    We will contact all students parents affected.

    We don’t make up the rules. Nor does (Arkansas Activities Association) or Department of Education. Rules come straight from Arkansas Department of Health.

Bolding also stated that other coaches and athletes have been quarantined in the past.

“We have quarantined several coaches and athletes throughout the summer who were in contact with infected people away from the school,” said Bolding,

Bolding also stated that all guidelines will be followed by the White Hall School District.

“We will follow the guidelines and directives to the letter. We will not stray at all,” said Bolding.