The White Hall School Board voted Tuesday night to expel a student after the student showed up on campus for track practice with an airsoft pistol that he began shooting other students with.

Superintendent Doug Dorris spoke with Deltaplex News to discuss the expulsion and more.

Dorris said that the district will still have to provide an education for the student.

The board voted to discontinue virtual learning for elementary schools beginning in the fall 2022 semester. Dorris spoke more about this decision.

Any 7-12 grade students that chose to participate in virtual learning will be able to take part in athletics and other extracurricular activities.

The board voted to purchase two new 77 passenger school buses for the district. Dorris said that the district tries to purchase one or two each year, and was able purchase two this year.

In other news the board also approved the school board ballot for the upcoming election on May 24, 2022. Additionally, the district will host a choir happening on April 9 while on April 11 an open house will be held at the new multi-purpose building from 2 pm until 3:30 p.m.