The White Hall Police Department (WHPD) is seeking a qualified person for the position of police officer.

Non-Certified Officers

The annual salary is $35,000.00. Non-certified candidates must complete the academy within 12 months of employment.

ALETA Graduate Certified Officers

The officer must have graduated from a CLEST approved law enforcement training academy prior to applying. The annual salary is $37,000 + $500 a year for each year of full-time law enforcement experience up to 10 years. An officer with 10 plus years of full-time law enforcement experience would start at $42,000.00.

The City of White Hall is a LOPFI with Social Security employer. The City of White Hall pays 23.5% of the LOPFI retirement contribution. Information about any retirement may be obtained through LOPFI at

The City of White Hall provides a generous annual clothing allowance plus $105 quarterly cell phone reimbursement. The family insurance is $95.76 per pay period, for employee only it is $48.08 per pay period. Insurance is offered through the AR Municipal League Health Benefit plan which covers medical, pharmacy, dental and vision. The employee has to be contributing for 60 days before the insurance coverage becomes effective. Jefferson County residency within 90 days is preferred.

Officers must reside within 15 miles of the White Hall city limits to take their assigned unit home. Once released for solo patrol, officers can work off duty police security, in White Hall only, if approved by the Chief.

White Hall Police Officers are encouraged to become members of the WH Police Officers Association (WHPOA). The WHPOA provides direct college tuition benefits to the WHPOA members’ children.

Any interested candidates should complete the CLEST F-3 and submit it with a resume, email, copies of birth certificate, AR Driver’s License, Social Security card, high school or GED diploma, college diploma or transcript (if applicable), military records DD FORM 214 Member-4 (if applicable) and training certificates to the White Hall Police Department. All applicants will be required to sign an information release waiver and submit to fingerprinting.

The White Hall Police Department has a notary available. Any offer of employment will be conditional on the applicant’s ability
to pass a medical and psychological examination including a drug screen.

The State of AR CLEST sets the, “Minimum Standards” for certification. At White Hall Police Department, our standards are high.

Disqualifiers for employment for the White Hall Police Department may include inappropriate social media content, conviction of a Class A Misdemeanor, evidence of non-payment of child support, a history of hot checks, employment termination or resignation in lieu of termination, previous driver’s license suspension(s), and/or an order of protection being served on the applicant. The White Hall Police Department tattoo policy states that, “Employees must not have tattoos, brands, or body art that may be considered offensive or obscene. Tattoos on the head, scalp, face, neck, hands, or fingers can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.”

Officers within their first 12 months of employment are probationary. Employees of the City of White Hall are, “At will.”

The White Hall Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.