Mitchell Tenpenny and Chris Young just notched a chart-topping hit with their duet, “At the End of a Bar,” a song that Mitchell says is particularly special because it’s based on real-life events.

The two artists are good friends, and they often meet up at local Nashville hot spots like Tin Roof or Losers Bar & Grill. “And that’s where the song came from,” Mitchell recounts to ABC Audio.

“We were totally just having fun talking, and we went to write the song — or, went to write a song — that day, and we’re like, ‘Man, you should’ve seen us tear it up at the end of a bar the other day,’” he explains. “And I was like, ‘Man, that sounds like a song that we might need to write about today.’”

What exactly do the two artist pals get up to when they’re “At the End of a Bar” together? Well, Mitchell says their antics might involve golf arcade games, goofing off with other country stars or just hanging out.

“We have saved Jon Pardi from a fight one time,” Mitchell continues. “Multiple artists, we have gotten hammered there. A lot of Golden Tee, a lot of trash talk. But more than anything, good memories.”

That’s because Mitchell and Chris have been close since they first met when Mitchell signed to Chris’ record label. “He just kind of latched on to me, and was so kind to me and gave me all this advice,” the younger star says. “And with that comes a lot of drinking.”

Hot on the heels of his latest hit, Mitchell is preparing for the release of his next album, called This is the Heavy, on September 16.

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