Despite the fact that they’ve been releasing music since 2012, Glass Animals are nominated for Best New Artist at Sunday night’s Grammys. So if the British group does happen to win, where does lead singer Dave Bayley plan to do with his Grammy? He says he’ll keep it in the family.

“I would give it to my mum,” Dave tells ABC Audio. “My poor mum — I don’t let my mum come to [our] shows, ever, because I really care what she thinks.”

He explains, “I’m sure everyone’s the same, like, there’s someone out there who you really care what they think, and if they hate something that you do, it would kill you. For me, that’s my mum.”

According to Dave, he’s afraid of what his mum would think if something embarrassing happened to him onstage.

“I don’t let her come to shows in case I, like, fall over, or fart on stage or something, I don’t know,” he laughs. “But she deserves to come to shows.  So I’ll give her that award to make up for all those times that I didn’t let her come.”

Glass Animals have some stiff competition for Best New Artist, which is the only category for which they’re nominated. The “Heat Waves” band is facing off against the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, FINNEAS and The Kid LAROI, among several others.

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards air Sunday night on CBS.

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