Lizzo is revealing some intimate details about Harry Styles — from how he acts under pressure to what he actually smells like.

Speaking with Elle UK for a round of rapid-fire questions, the “About Damn Time” singer didn’t hold back on her thoughts about Harry. She even said she’d want him on her team in a crisis.

When asked who would be better suited to take care of her after a rowdy night out, Lizzo answered, “I’m gonna say Mr. Harry Styles, only because that’s actually happened!”

“Harry stays really calm under pressure,” she continued. “So I think he would be able to keep me together while everything’s falling apart.”

That wasn’t the only reason why she’s team Harry — he also wins in the fragrance department. “Harry smells very good,” Lizzo divulged. “He smells like soap! Whatever soap he uses, he smells like that.”

The Grammy winner says she’s taken a whiff of him before and told him exactly what she thinks: “He smells fresh and clean.”

Lizzo also revealed the best piece of advice Adele gave her. “She’s given me a lot of verbal advice but her actions are the best advice of all,” the rapper revealed. “She knows she’s Adele, b****, and she acts like it!  She treats herself like it, especially when it comes to creating music and putting music out in the world.”

In all, Lizzo summed up Adele’s best lesson: “Be true to who you are and know your worth.”

The singer also revealed that, when she’s done and gone, she wants to be known for having a positive impact on this world. Lizzo noted it’s not about her music or fashion moments — she’s more focused on what she did to make the world a better place.

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