Sunday night, fans of West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler got to see their girl at the 94th Academy Awards, after she’d initially been slighted a seat. 

As reported, her fans had gone ballistic online when she told them she wasn’t invited, but the Academy later invited her to present at the show. 

When it was her turn, she couldn’t resist a little shade, evidently.

Her co-presenter, Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi commented at the podium, “I can’t believe we are here tonight at the Oscars. Growing up in Australia, I never thought that I would stand here on this stage.”

Zegler added, “And I never thought I would be here six days ago. Dreams really come true, pretty fast, too.”

Earlier on the red carpet earlier in the evening, Zegler told Entertainment Tonight that she was surprised so many people had her back online.

“People were upset, and I was not expecting it,” she admitted.

She added, “So, it’s very wonderful to be here. I’m really thankful to the Academy inviting me to present, and for all the people at Snow White who…let me get on a plane.”

Zegler was allowed a short break in the U.K. shoot of a live-action version of the famous fairy tale so that she could attend the event.

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