The Watson Chapel School District Board met on Monday, November 8th, and discussed eighteen items on their agenda. Included in those items on the agenda were presentations from prospective foodservice consulting companies to support the food service staff in the district.

Of those included Taher Inc., School Eats Catering, and K-12 Culinary Connection who all presented various food items that they offer, and presentations on the programs that they implement. They all mentioned working with districts in Arkansas including the Pine Bluff and Dollarway School Districts to name a few. Two of the three were also Arkansas-based. The board will not be making a decision on a consulting service until their next scheduled meeting in Decemeber.

Also included in the presentations presented to the board were the Wildcat Warrier Spotlight,  a Teacher of the Month award, and a Staff Member of the month award. The board first recognized a 3rd grader from L.L. Owens Elementary Zion Moore as the Wildcat Warrier of the month. Billie Roberts was recognized as the Teacher of the month along with Reginald Forte as the Staff of the month.

On another subject, Superintendent Andrew Curry highlighted a 30% increase in the number of substitution positions filled after the board approved the daily pay rate increase to $100 per day earlier this year.

Since school resumed in 2020, in light of the pandemic, the board has discussed and pursued installing more efficient HVAC systems in efforts to improve the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) throughout the district buildings. The Assistant Director of Support Services John Hayden explained that three buildings in the district have already installed new HVAC systems and others are underway.

A few announcements were made for the district about their Thanksgiving and Christmas Lunch with parents and students that takes place on November 11th and 12th and December 9th and 10th. Curry explained more about the dates and times for each grade level to the board.