By Ray King

The State Board of Education has approved a request from the Watson Chapel School District for a new high school with funding expected to be approved by the state legislature when they meet in a fiscal session if 2022.

Watson Chapel Superintendent Dr. Andrew Curry appeared on the Oldies 101.3 morning show Friday and talked about the new building.

Curry said that while he is not the one to ask for a millage increase to pay the district’s share of the costs, the school board does have that authority and a millage campaign will be necessary.

When the new building is completed, the current high school will become the junior high and Curry said the plan is to connect the two buildings with a large cafeteria so that both junior and senior high students can be fed at the same time.

“This is an opportunity to get both on the same schedule,” Curry said. (The Junior High and High School) “share a lot of teachers and it would be a lot easier if we had the same schedules.”

Curry went on to talk about state funding.