Metallica’s ongoing series of concert films that are streaming on The Coda Collection — a music-themed channel on Amazon Prime Video — just got a lot more interesting.

Today, the Coda Collection is debuting night one of Metallica‘s two 40th anniversary concerts, which took place last December in San Francisco. But with the new Coda Companion app, watching the concert turns into a Pop-Up Video-type experience. The app syncs to your stream on The Coda Collection channel, and delivers facts and trivia about Metallica as the concert plays.  You can download it for free in the App Store and Google Play.

The Coda Companion experience for night one of the Metallica show features “facts and insight that even devout fans of the band might not know,” according to a press release. The information comes from two members of Metallica’s crew who’ve been with them for decades: Dan Braun, their creative director and scenic designer, and Zach Harmon, their backline manager.

Night two of Metallica’s anniversary show streams April 7, again, along with The Coda Companion experience. It’s also available for The White Stripes‘ 2005 From the Basement, which is also streaming on the Coda Collection. Similar content is launching soon from Pearl Jam, The Rolling Stones and more.

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