Cam’ron turned his recent CNN appearance into a marketing opportunity.

The rapper was brought on the network to discuss the recently released footage of Diddy assaulting Cassie, and he was apparently bothered by the questioning, though he managed to give a few responses.

“Everything in the video is egregious,” he said. “I’m against. So when I saw the video I was kinda upset being that I know him.”

“I didn’t know him like that,” he added when asked if he was surprised by the footage, given his personal experiences with Diddy. “What you mean my experiences? I seen him and I thought it was disgusting.”

Cam used the opportunity to promote his PinkHorsePower sex supplement instead of promptly providing answers to inquiries about whether Diddy mistreated his artists. He then noted that fans should tune in to his sports show, It Is What It Is, to possibly hear Mase‘s thoughts on Diddy’s behavior.

Cam, however, had enough when asked if he agreed that Diddy’s crimes were protected by people in the industry.

“Who the talent agent for this joint,” he said. “You think I be sitting around … watching what Diddy do.” He then asked, “Who booked me for this joint?” — resulting in the reporter’s decision to bring the interview to an end.

On Tuesday’s episode of It Is What It Is, Cam explained that he gave CNN “bulls***” because they called him to share his thoughts on Diddy, not to highlight his show or the positive things he and Mase have done.

He also took the time to plug his Dipset Couture fashion brand, which he’d forgotten to mention in the CNN interview.

As for Mase, he revealed he’ll be sharing his take on Diddy and Cassie in an upcoming documentary.

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