Ward 2 Democratic nominee Steven Shaner discusses his plans if he is to win the general election


By Ray King

Throughout his campaign leading up to the March Democratic primary, then the runoff to win the Democratic Party nomination, and now with one week until the General Election, Steven Shaner has constantly said he supports the Go Forward Pine Bluff Initiative.

Appearing on the Oldies 101.3 morning show Tuesday, Shaner said he was surprised when he got an opponent, then explained why he believed that opponent was running.

Shaner and his opponent Yvonne Denton were both invited to appear on the program to talk about their candidacy and while Shaner accepted, Denton, who is running as an independent declined.

Regarding his support for the Go Forward program, Shane said:

Shaner said crime, particularly homicides were among the biggest problems the city is facing, as well as the need to remove blight, explaining that if someone was riding around neighborhoods in the city, looking to move here, “If I see a bunch of old burnt out houses I am probably not going to move here.”

He was also asked, if elected, would he vote for programs proposed by Mayor Shirley Washington 100 percent of the time.