On Tuesday, Walker Hayes celebrated one year since the release of “Fancy Like” — a song that would go on to become a viral hit, sending him careening toward country superstardom after years of working hard to make it in the music business.

One surprising side effect of “Fancy Like”’s success is how it strengthened Walker’s bond with his oldest daughter Lela, the star tells ET Online. “My daughter and I really bonded,” he says. “We just did two quick takes of this dance that Lela and I threw together.”

He also admits that “Fancy Like”’s success allowed him to “pay a lot of bills” and pull his family out of debt.

Walker is a dad to six kids, three of whom are old enough to remember much more difficult financial times the family faced. “My big three, they had a tough life financially,” he continues.

“It’s funny. Bagels were a luxury item,” the singer elaborates. “So this new lifestyle, they’re very appreciative of it.”

But the singer’s younger three kids have a different perspective since they don’t remember much of the lean years. “Our little ones, on the other hand — [this lifestyle] is kinda all they know. So it’s challenging trying to keep them grounded,” he adds.

Walker’s whole family can be spotted in the music video for his newest single, “Y’all Life,” and the singer says that’s just part of making his career a team operation. “They gotta help on the farm. They gotta earn their dinner,” he jokes.

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