You may know Mason Ramsey as “Walmart Boy,” the preteen who found Internet fame in 2018 when footage of him yodeling a Hank Williams tune in the aisles of his hometown superstore went viral.

Now, the talented young singer’s got a new claim to fame, as the voice behind Burger King’s ultra-catchy ad spot addressing beef production’s climate impact.

The dazzling, bizarre new commercial finds Mason strumming his way through a colorful, two-minute clip, backed by an ensemble of young singers decked out in lemongrass-topped cowboy hats. Meanwhile, mechanical cows dance in the background, passing colorful clouds of gas that float up into the sky. 

“When cows fart and burp and splatter / It ain’t no laughing matter / They’re releasing methane every time they do,” Mason sings in the first verse of the song. “And then methane from their rear / Goes up through the atmosphere / And pollutes our planet, warming me and you…”

He then launches into a chorus, yodeling the word “methane” over and over again.

While it’s easy to get distracted by Mason’s lyrics and rhinestone gas mask, the ad’s message is a serious one. It speaks to the impact greenhouse gas emissions from beef production has on the environment, advertising Burger King’s new line of reduced emissions Whopper sandwiches.

According to Billboard, the restaurant chain discovered that “adding 100 grams of dried lemongrass to the cows’ daily feed” provided a “reduction of up to 33% on average during the period the diet was fed.”

The new line of reduced-emissions beef will be featured at select U.S. Burger King restaurants in cities inluding Austin, Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and Portland.

By Carena Liptak
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