“U Don’t Have to Call” Usher for his daily routine, because he’s shared some of it in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Here’s a quick rundown of what he said:


— Usher wakes up “early enough to have a moment of reflection,” followed by either meditation or some reading. A frequent practice in his life is yoga, to activate “my organs and get my mind moving in the right direction.”

— Usher typically drinks celery juice in the morning and has recently been drinking a hot concoction of lemon, ginger, water and cayenne pepper. Whether he drinks coffee depends on how the previous night ended.

— When it comes to breakfast, Usher eats eggs and cheese, sometimes scrambled but most times poached or over easy. Whatever he has, though, must be consumed after he’s worked out. 


— Usher practices fasting, a habit he picked up from his grandmother. On Wednesdays he only drinks water.

— Finally, when it comes to exercise, he enjoys swimming and bike riding and often refrains from weight lifting. However, he must start off “walking or with certain knee activations and reverse walking that I do to really engage my quads, my knees and glutes.”

Elsewhere in the article, Usher discusses his Super Bowl routine, talks about the process of recording his Coming Home album and shares some advice, among other things. The full interview is on wsj.com.


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