Urban Renewal Agency Director talks demo plans; Downtown Housing

The Pine Bluff Urban Renewal Agency has been in the news a lot this year due to their recent demolition of local properties and developing housing projects that they have underway. The director of the agency, Maurice Taggart, joined Deltaplex and gave an update on their current progress.

In regards to housing, Taggart explained that the specifics of the housing project downtown will be introduced soon. The agency is looking to develop housing between 3rd and Pine west of Walnut downtown, which they are hoping will create foot traffic along the downtown area.

The agency strives to demolish between two and three properties per week, to help remove blight and dilapidated properties from the community. Taggart explained the process that leads to the demolitions.

The statute of properties allows owners enough time to take action prior to demolition.

The agency hosts a meeting every third Tuesday of the month at the Reynolds Center. Public comments or questions are allowed at the end of each meeting. The agency will meet next Tuesday, August 14 at 5:30 pm.