Micky Dolenz plans to celebrate the 55th anniversary of The Monkees‘ third album, Headquarters, on his upcoming tour. But ahead of that, the album will get the super deluxe treatment this month.

Due out November 18, Headquarters: Super Deluxe Edition features four CDs, plus a 7″ vinyl single featuring “All of Your Toys” b/w “The Girl I Knew Somewhere.” Only 4,000 copies will be available worldwide; you can pre-order the package now at Monkees.com.


Headquarters, released in 1967, was the first album The Monkees made after finally securing artistic control over their own music. It was the group’s third straight number-one album; all were released in less than a year.

The expansive set contains 69 previously unreleased recordings, including backing tracks created for a version of the album spearheaded by Don Kirshner, which was ultimately abandoned. Early demos, as well as recordings which were ultimately completed for the band’s 2016 album Good Times!, round out the package.

“Headquarters will always hold a special place in my heart,” says Dolenz in a statement. “I remember the camaraderie, the collaboration, the enthusiasm and the occasional creative angst. And I particularly remember lying on the floor behind my drumkit between takes eating sunflower seeds.”


The Monkees Celebrated by Micky Dolenz tour starts April 1 in Orlando, Florida and will feature Dolenz, the sole surviving member of the group, performing the Headquarters album each night plus all the group’s biggest hits. Tickets for the trek, which wraps up April 27 in Ontario, go on sale this Friday, also at Monkees.com.

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