Tulsa earned an 89-83 American Athletic Conference victory over Connecticut on Wednesday, but the game took a backseat when both coaches were ejected. UConn head coach Dan Hurley and Tulsa head coach Frank Haith were each issued technical fouls and began talking to each other. The official came back over and gave them each a second technical, prompting their ejections. 

Said Hurley: “I don’t know why Frank and I got the first technical. We were nowhere near confrontational with one another. We glared at each other.”  He continued: “We were trying to defuse the situation and shake hands, and got the second technical and were ejected. I don’t feel this was handled correctly and should be looked at by the league.”

As for the game; Jeriah Horne led the way to victory for the Tulsa Hurricanes with 27 points and eight rebounds; and Jalen Adams scored 27 for UConn.

UConn coach Dan Hurley, Tulsa's Frank Haith tossed after handshake

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