UAPB Men’s and Women’s Tennis Falls In Conference Play

UAPB will celebrate National Student Athlete Day on April 10.

Lorman, Miss. – The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff men’s and women’s tennis teams fell in a pair of conference matches on Friday, 4-0 against Alcorn St. and Jackson St.

In the singles competition the Braves would go on to claim match No. 2 and 4, 6-0 as match No. 1, 3, and 5 was unfinished.

In the doubles competition, Thomas Harris/Le’Darrien Ledbetter fell in a hard-fought match against Gjorgji Popovski/Stojan Stojanovski, 4-1 in match No. 1, but Alcorn St. would go on to win match No. 6-0 and match No. 3 from a forfeit.

On the women’s side, the Lady Braves won all three matches, No. 2, 4, and 6 in the singles competition, but match No. 1, 3, and 5 was unfinished.
Alcorn St. also claimed match No.2 and 3, 6-0 in the doubles competition.

UAPB men’s tennis team will travel to Oxford, MS. to take on Ole Miss Sunday at the Palmer/Salloum Tennis Center at 1/3 p.m.

Men’s Tennis
Alcorn 4, UAPB 0
Singles Competition
1. Gjorgji Popovski (ALCM) vs. Le’Darrien Ledbetter (UAPB) 6-2, 3-1, unfinished
2. Stojan Stojanovski (ALCM) def. Thomas Harris (UAPB) 6-0, 6-0
3. Johnatan Parat (ALCM) vs. Simon Lewis (UAPB) 7-5, unfinished
4. Ivan Matas (ALCM) def. Kameron Myers (UAPB) 6-0, 6-0
5. Nuno Rocha (ALCM) vs. Junius Ross (UAPB) 6-0, 1-0, unfinished
6. Kareem Bowe (ALCM) def. No player (UAPB), by forfeit

Doubles Competition
1. Gjorgji Popovski/Stojan Stojanovski (ALCM) def. Thomas Harris/Le’Darrien Ledbetter (UAPB) 4-1
2. Ivan Matas/Johnatan Parat (ALCM) def. Simon Lewis/Kameron Myers (UAPB) 6-0
3. Kareem Bowe/Nuno Rocha (ALCM) def. No player/No player (UAPB), by forfeit

Women’s Tennis
Alcorn 4, UAPB 0
Singles Competition
1. Stefany Grlj (ALCW) vs. Ariel Graves (UAPBW) 6-0, 2-4, unfinished
2. Bianca Birkenstock (ALCW) def. Manoja Reddy (UAPBW) 6-1, 6-1
3. Anastasia Vaganova (ALCW) def. Karissa Fenwick (UAPBW) 6-0, 6-0
4. Ammaarah Tim (ALCW) def. Cierra Fenwick (UAPBW) 6-0, 6-0
5. Veronika Pytlikova (ALCW) vs. Malaik Muhammad (UAPBW) 6-0, 4-0, unfinished
6. Klavdija Bukovec (ALCW) vs. Ta’Miya Strickland (UAPBW) 6-0, 1-0, unfinished

Doubles Competition
1. Stefany Grlj/Ammaarah Tim (ALCW) vs. Ariel Graves/Manoja Reddy (UAPBW) 2-1, unfinished
2. Anastasia Vaganova/Bianca Birkenstock (ALCW) def. Karissa Fenwick/Malaik Muhammad (UAPBW) 6-0
3. Klavdija Bukovec/Veronika Pytlikova (ALCW) def. Cierra Fenwick/Ta’Miya Strickland (UAPBW) 6-0