UAPB Athletics Lands 163 Student-Athletes On SWAC Commissioner’s Honor Roll



Pine Bluff, AR. – The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff placed 163 student-athletes on the Southwestern Athletic Conference 2020-21 Commissioner’s Honor Roll, which recognizes excellence in the classroom in sports sponsored by the conference.

To be selected for the Commissioner’s Honor Roll, a student-athlete in a SWAC sponsored sport must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Nine different UAPB student-athletes posted a 4.0 grade-point average while 79 Golden Lions were at a 3.50 GPA or higher.

This past academic term, 1,778 student-athletes within the conference met that benchmark of academic success during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters, marking the highest collective total of student-athletes to qualify within the past five academic years.

Below is a list of student-athletes named to the SWAC Commissioner’s Honor Roll:

Men’s Basketball
Markedric Bell 3.259 Senior Health & Leisure
Robert Boyd 3.770 Junior Health & Leisure
Shaun Doss Jr. 3.625 Senior Agriculture Business
Isaiah Haralson 3.487 Junior Health & Leisure
George Ivory Jr. 3.429 Freshman Health & Leisure
Nicholas Jones 3.183 Graduate Student Secondary Ed-Physical Ed/NT
Jalen Lynn 3.231 Junior Health & Leisure
Dequan Morris 3.229 Senior Health & Leisure

Women’s Basketball

Jahnay Anderson 3.076 Freshman Industrial Technology
Jazzeem Bethea 3.093 Senior General Studies
Mariquita Cotten 3.157 Junior General Studies
Shicoriya Orr 3.390 Junior Social Work
Maya Peat 3.903 Freshman Health & PE
Tyler Pyburn 3.491 Sophomore Health & PE
Trasity Totten 3.463 Senior Psychology
Kaila Walker 3.500 Sophomore Computer Science
Joyce Kennerson 3.800 Senior General Studies


Joel Barker 3.560 Senior General Studies
Mickyren Bentley 3.100 Sophomore Biology
Andrew Enwiya 3.410 Senior Sociology
Trenton Ferguson 3.290 Senior General Studies
Michael Gerwitz 3.850 Junior Industrial Technology
Jacob Hale 3.820 Sophomore Health & Physical Education Teaching
Braelin Hence 3.980 Senior Biology
Tony Horn 3.330 Graduate Student Master- Health & Physical Education
Declaudio Irvin 3.470 Freshman Health & Physical Education Recreation
Jordan Jones 3.060 Junior Sociology
Rocky King 3.160 Sophomore Health & Physical Education Recreation
Nicholas Kreutzer 3.830 Graduate Student Master- Health & Physical Education
Dante Leach 3.960 Sophomore Health & Physical Education Recreation
Brandon Little 3.030 Senior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Antoine Luster 4.000 Graduate Student Master- Health & Physical Education
Humberto Maldonado 3.320 Junior Business Administration/Management
Jace Mapson 3.300 Junior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Timothy Martin 3.840 Junior General Studies
Aidan Martinez 3.810 Sophomore Mass Communication
Brady Moorman 3.500 Junior Agriculture
Peyton Niemann 3.410 Junior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Lawrence Noble 3.380 Sophomore Business Administration/Management
Alvin O’Guinn 3.170 Graduate Student Master- Computer Science
Bryce Roesch 3.670 Graduate Student Master- Health & Physical Education
Brandon Simon 3.480 Junior Mass Communication
Cameron Tittle 3.660 Senior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Karsten Vasquez 3.880 Junior Sociology
Kyle Williams 3.690 Freshman Health & Physical Education Recreation


Shanice Akins 4.000 Graduate Student Master- Physical Education
Desiree Bumpers 3.530 Junior Biology
Jasmine Carlson 3.360 Sophomore Biology
Tyrah Elerby 3.122 Freshman Health & Education- Recreation
Alaina Fletcher 3.600 Freshman Health & Physical Education Teaching
Sydney Green 3.800 Junior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Anne Gerwitz 4.000 Graduate Student Masters- Social Science
Deanna Harrington 3.290 Senior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Shakeidra Hubbard 3.090 Senior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Allison Jackson 4.000 Freshman Agriculture Business
Kenedi Jackson 3.610 Freshman Health & Physical Education Recreation
Samaria Jackson 4.000 Sophomore Psychology
Sierra Johnson 3.050 Junior Criminal Justice
Jade Martinez 3.020 Senior Sociology
Harli Rodgers 3.800 Sophomore Nursing
Kirsten Schmidt 4.000 Freshman Psychology


Timon Akins 3.208 Freshman Biology
Omar Allen 3.947 Sophomore Industrial Technology
Marcus Askew 3.097 Freshman Biology
Monroe Beard 3.723 Sophomore Business Admin
Jason Bobo 3.208 Freshman Psychology
Alex Boone 3.302 Sophomore Mathematics
Solomon Brooks 3.648 Senior Health & PE
Christian Brown 3.256 Senior Social Sciences/Sociology
Daryl Carter 3.244 Junior Business Admin.
Kendarius Clark 3.586 Freshman Biology
Deantae’ Cooper 3.246 Sophomore Rehabilitation Services
Raschad Dacosta 3.242 Freshman Agriculture Business
Mark Evans 3.814 Junior Biology
Jamaal Foote 3.806 Freshman Industrial Technology
Andre Fuller 3.258 Freshman Business Admin.
Javonn Gray 3.621 Freshman Health & PE
Noah Hayes 3.031 Sophomore Business Admin.
Taylor Holston 3.029 Senior General Studies
Jordan Johnson 3.483 Freshman Pre Nursing
Keyvien Johnson 3.258 Sophomore Health & Leisure
Christopher Kilpatrick 3.515 Senior Business Admin.
Jalil Lenore 3.206 Freshman Business
Calvin Lester 3.900 Freshman Business Management
Jordan Mack 3.355 Sophomore Business Admin.
Terrill McCray 3.818 Freshman Mass Communications
Dejuan Miller 3.889 Junior Business Admin.
Xavier Mitchell 3.219 Junior Accounting
Isaac Peppers 3.051 Junior Biology
Devin Pitts 3.240 Freshman Criminal Justice
Zack Piwniczka 3.868 Sophomore Criminal Justice
Tyrin Ralph 4.000 Senior Computer Science
Paul Reeves 3.667 Senior Health & Leisure
Malik Rencher 3.151 Junior Psychology
Thomas Reny 3.188 Sophomore Criminal Justice
Christopher Robinson 3.000 Graduate Master- Physical Education
Athen Smith 3.750 Freshman Computer Science
Tyler Smith 3.179 Sophomore Health & Leisure
Arvin Tiangco 3.018 Sophomore Business Management
Xavier Vaughn 3.048 Freshman Computer Science
Zachary Webb 3.903 Sophomore Business Admin/Finance
Rylan Woods 3.533 Freshman Mass Communications


Mariela Flores 3.851 Sophomore Pre Nursing
Briana Hernandez 3.053 Junior Rehabilitation Services
Madison Hernandez 3.900 Freshman Psychology
Azana Holman 3.870 Sophomore Criminal Justice
Audrianna Kallie 3.262 Senior Social Sciences/Sociology
Alondra Lepe 3.719 Sophomore Psychology
Tobi McCoy 3.739 Junior Bus Admin/International Business
Melanie Mercelita 3.125 Sophomore Health & Physical Ed/Teaching
Kinberly Moss 3.402 Junior Rehabilitation Services
Amanda Mouton 3.457 Senior Nursing/Upper Division
Andrea Riere-Salinas 3.857 Senior Biology/Medicine
Evangelina Sandoval-Belmudez 3.753 Sophomore Social Work

Men’s Golf

Cade Cleveland 3.221 Senior Health/Leisure
George Faulkner 3.463 Junior Bus/Admin/Economics
Niklas Frimodig 3.925 Senior Bus/Admin/Economics
Kohlin Hicks 3.690 Freshman Bus/Admin/Marketing
Justin Lee 3.800 Freshman Bus/Admin/Management
Dustin Maenaga 3.358 Senior Criminal Justice
Justice Grayson Martin 3.911 Sophomore Health/Leisure Rec/Wellness
Joshua McCray 3.889 Sophomore Industrial Technology
Nikolas Pitiris 4.000 Freshman Bus/Admin/Marketing
Houston Sowell 3.320 Sophomore Bus/Admin/Management

Men’s Track/Cross Country

Rudy Alvarez 3.970 Senior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Danniel Bailey 3.450 Sophomore Regulatory Science
Clement Campbell 3.900 Sophomore Biology
Wade Garner 3.490 Senior Mathematics
Joshua Holloway 3.920 Freshman Agriculture
Andrew Latimer 3.900 Freshman Criminal Justice
Akeem Marshall 3.520 Senior Sociology
Romario Marshall 3.590 Senior Sociology
Myhkel Oppon-Kuntu 3.210 Senior General Studies
Franklyn Stanislaus 3.630 Junior Business Administration/Management

Women’s Track/Cross Country

Jaylyn Hampton 3.000 Freshman Human Science
Ter’Ria Howard 3.600 Freshman Psychology
Je-Risa James 3.830 Senior Art
Safiya John 3.990 Junior Biology
Cedreahna Kennedy 3.910 Senior Business Administration/Management
Tatyana Mckenzie 3.370 Junior Business Administration/Management
Charissa Moore 3.000 Sophomore Psychology
Caitlin Ragoonanan 3.850 Sophomore Biology
Chelsea Ragoonanan 3.900 Sophomore Psychology
Joanna Rogers 3.864 Freshman Biology
Jada Sabir 3.570 Sophomore Criminal Justice
Jade Sabir 3.850 Sophomore Biology
Kara Sampath 4.000 Freshman Criminal Justice
Katrina Small 3.790 Senior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Joelle Stewart 3.539 Junior Biology


Nikole Akamine 3.900 Sophomore Business Administration/Management
Breana August 3.190 Junior Biology
Maya Brunt 3.857 Freshman Rehabilitation Services
Delilah Cardenas 3.480 Senior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Kori Diego 3.190 Junior Biology
Imana Ellis 3.050 Junior Health & Physical Education Recreation
Nyah Ellis 3.720 Sophomore Biology
Jasmine Fuqua 3.260 Sophomore Mass Communication
Haley Gomez 3.940 Senior Business Administration/Marketing
Elyssa Kennedy 3.670 Sophomore Nursing
Jade Smith 3.630 Freshman Biology
Zyonn Smith 3.760 Sophomore Rehabilitation Services
Destiny Thomas 3.460 Junior Biology
McKenzie Tysor 3.750 Freshman Elementary Education