Approximately 40,000 pounds of chicken was given away Monday at the Pine Bluff Convention Center by the Delta Network Foodbank. Tyson Foods donated the chicken that was almost a year past the “best if used by” date on the packaging.

Due to this, Tyson Foods is planning on providing a second donation to Pine Bluff.

Tyson spokesperson Derek Burleson said Tyson Foods regrets donating chicken past its “best if used by” date but said there is nothing unsafe about those products. He said the dates for frozen items “indicate flavor or best quality and do not indicate that products beyond that date are unsafe to eat.”

No date has been set for when the next truckload will be distributed.

Delta Network Foodbank Director Jacqueline Ross said the group did not choose what products Tyson Foods donated. She said the group did not know the frozen chicken was past its labeled date.

“Our confidence is in Tyson Foods and their food knowledge,” Ross said.