It’s no secret that Tyler Hubbard loves being his own boss. For years, he enjoyed a successful career as part of Florida Georgia Line before striking out on his own to become a solo singer-songwriter.

But did you know that Tyler’s favorite gig before that was when he ran his own car detailing business, which he started when he was still a teenager?

“So I would wash cars, working for myself, and had a lot of fun doing that and working for myself,” the singer explains, adding with a laugh: “I think anything outside of that was not the best job.”

He’s had plenty of not-so-fun gigs, too, including a “tough” summer he spent pouring concrete. “I don’t know if that was my worst, because I enjoyed being outside and I do enjoy manual labor and all that stuff,” he concedes.

Tyler’s least favorite job, he continues, was his stint working at Italian-American chain Maggiano’s. “I would probably say that was my worst, only because I was in the back polishing silverware and bussing tables,” the singer explains.

“I never could work my way up to being a server. And that’s what I thought I eventually was going to get to do,” he adds. “So I polished silverware and cleaned dishes for, I don’t know, six or eight months at Maggiano’s.”

Fortunately, country music eventually worked out. Tyler now has his dream job as a solo singer-songwriter, and he recently dropped his latest EP, Dancin’ in the Country. He heads out on tour with Keith Urban this fall.

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