Two Hispanic men have bonds set for $75k each for theft of property


By Ray King

Two Hispanic men were arrested Monday after they picked up a load of metal that had been paid for with a stolen credit card.

The two, Carlos Perez-Gonadles, 31, and Edel Lopez-Sanchez, 26, were taken into custody by Sheriff’s deputies who had been contacted about the incident.

The two made their first court appearance Thursday for a probable cause hearing where Deputy Prosecutor Beth Carson read the allegation and interpreter Benjamin Quattlebaum translated her words into Spanish.

Carson said the owner of the card reported that he did not order the metal and said the card had been stolen.

Jefferson County District Judge Kim Bridgforth set a $75,000 bond for Perez-Gonadles, and Lopez-Sanchez after ruling prosecutors have probable cause to charge them with theft of property. They were told to come back to court July 15.