The 5-year long lawsuit between Tupac Shakur’s estate and an entertainment company over unreleased music is finally over. Back in 2013, Tupac’s mom and the administrator of his estate, Afeni Shakur, sued Entertainment One to gain back the unreleased master recordings her son had made. On Sept. 29, the estate has settled the lawsuit and will gain possession of the recordings from Entertainment One. The value of the recordings is incredibly substantial. In addition, the entertainment company will pay the estate a “substantial six-figure amount.” In the initial lawsuit, Tupac’s estate said Entertainment One stiffed it out of over $1 million in royalties when it released “Beginnings: The Lost Tapes,” which was released in June 2007. Whilte Tupac’s mother passed away in 2016, the lawsuit continued.

Tupac Shakur’s Estate Reportedly Wins Back Unreleased Music


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