The woman at the center of Trey Songz‘s dismissed rape case has filed another lawsuit against the singer. Rolling Stone reports the woman, identified as Jane Doe, filed the $25 million suit Thursday, which now includes Trey’s manager Kevin Liles, and labels Atlantic Records and 300 Entertainment as defendants.

Doe contends they should be held accountable for the singer’s actions and for ignoring numerous allegations made by other women.

“This case is much more than about one singer and one viciously abused sexual assault survivor who has the courage to take action,” Doe’s attorney George Vrabeck said in a statement. “It’s also very much about the systematic sexual abuse in the music industry and the music industry’s complicity in silencing sexual abuse survivors. It’s virtually impossible to believe that those executives are not and were not aware of the institutionalized sexual abuse.”

Much like in the first suit, which was dismissed last year after its statute of limitations expired, Doe claims Trey assaulted her in 2016. Per the Los Angeles Times, the two had “a casual and occasionally sexual relationship” until they attended a party in West Hills that March and he anally raped her. In the suit, Doe says she begged the singer to stop. Her Uber driver later took her to a local hospital, where she received treatment for a “severe anal tearing,” as well as sexual assault counseling.

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