Trey Songz legal woes continue.  The singer is being taken to court by a woman who claims she was mentally and physically injured after she approached Trey for a photo outside a strip club in Philadelphia last year. The unnamed female claims that when she and her cousin attempted to get a photo with Songz, he grabbed and twisted her arm and wrist. In her lawsuit, she claims that she has undergone psychiatric treatment after falling into a depression over the incident, adding she could end up facing “cosmetic disfigurement” following the assault. The woman’s cousin has also filed her own lawsuit against the 33-year-old singer, claiming while she was trying to snap a pic, her allegedly smacked the phone out of her hand, hitting it into her face and breaking her glasses; she’s suing Trey for medical expenses and other damages.

Trey Songz Sued By Another Woman Over Alleged Strip Club Parking Lot Attack


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