Rapper Travis Scott revealed a “different” approach he’s considering for a potential follow-up to his album, Astroworld. In an interview on  “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” interview, Travis discussed the possibility of attaching a live-action play for his next LP, saying “I love Broadway, it’s super dope. It’s fire – yeah I was thinking my next album should be like, I’d do a play for a whole week somewhere, just do a play, design a whole play around my album.”  Scott is known for his theatrical stage shows, and his Astroworld tour features set pieces made to look like amusement park rides, including a functional ferris wheel and roller coaster. Last month he even told Jimmy Fallon that he’d be open to appearing in a Broadway show. You can watch the interview in the link below.

Travis Scott Wants to ‘Design a Whole Play’ for a Broadway-Inspired Album

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