Arkansas law enforcement is increasing patrols this week in light of the busy Thanksgiving holiday travel period.

The national Click it or Ticket enforcement campaign aims to reduce the number of fatal and injury-based car crashes.

More than 40 million Americans are estimated to hit the road between November 27 and December 21.

Buckling up decreases the chances of dying for front-seat passengers by 45 percent and the risk of moderate to serious injury by 50 percent, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In 2017, 365 were killed in motor vehicle crashes nationwide during Thanksgiving week.

The National Safety Council estimates 417 people may die as a result of car crashes this year, which is an estimated 4 percent drop from 2018.

Arkansas is one of 34 states with a primary offense seat belt law, meaning officers can pull over and cite drivers for not buckling up without requiring another traffic violation.

Arkansas State Police along with other law enforcement agencies, are exclusively looking for seat belt violators in an effort to spread the message and encourage safe driving habits.

“Wearing a seat belt is the single most effective precaution drivers and passengers can take to prevent injury or death as the result of a motor vehicle crash,” said Col. Bill Bryant, Arkansas State Police director Governor’s Highway Safety Representative representative.

The maximum fine for a first offense of failing to wear a seat belt in Arkansas is $25.