Tommy Lee has been sober for nearly a year now after drinking two gallons of vodka a day following the end of Mötley Crüe‘s last tour in 2015.

“I was drinking two gallons — not pints, not quarts, but gallons, the big-handles — a day,” Lee tells Yahoo. “That’s f***ing crazy. I just realized, ‘Whoa dude, you’re drinking enough to like, you could probably die.’ And it wasn’t even fazing me. I just became sort of immune to it.”

Lee was able to stop drinking thanks to the support and encouragement of his wife, Brittany Furlan.

“She was like, ‘Baby, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen anybody drink that much. Like, you’re kind of scaring me. Like, are you going to wake up? Am I going to wake up to, like, you not breathing?"” Lee explains. “And I was like, ‘That sucks. That’s not cool to have you have you worry like that. And it’s worrying me."”

The interview, which was published on October 2, notes that Lee will mark one year sober in two weeks.

“I don’t know if it’s a forever thing,” Lee says. “But for now, I’m not drinking vodka today.”

Lee will release his new album, Andro, on October 16.

By Josh Johnson
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