Authorities said that three people who were stabbed to death at a park in a town just outside London is considered a “terrorist incident;” three others were left seriously injured in the attack.

The attack took place in Forbury Gardens, a public park in Reading, a large town around 40 miles west of London. The park was full of groups sitting on the grass when “one lone person walked through and “suddenly shouted some unintelligible words and went around a large group of around 10, trying to stab them.” Shortly after the incident, a 25-year-old man from Reading was arrested on suspicion of murder, police said, adding that they were not looking for any other suspects. The man’s name was not released. The stabbing was later declared a “terrorist incident.”

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted that his thoughts were with those affected by the attack, adding Sunday that he was “appalled and sickened that people should lose their lives in this way.”

Deadly park stabbing was a terror attack: UK police


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