Extra security will be in place for this year’s annual football game between the Fordyce Redbugs and the Rison Wildcats due to threats that have been made. The game is scheduled for Friday, October 14.

In a press release from the Fordyce School District fans who plan to attend the game have been warned of extra precautions.

The press release is shared below. CLICK HERE to read the PDF of the press release.

The Fordyce School District and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department have received disturbing tips concerning the threat of violence at the Fordyce/Rison football game. In our continuing efforts to be transparent to the public, we want to share elements of our safety plan for this ballgame.

We will have metal detectors at both gates. Appropriate personnel, Commissioned School Security Officers [CSSO’s], law enforcement, school administrators and faculty, will have wands to check fans throughout the ballgame according to established guidelines. We realize this will take extra time to enter the stadium, and that long lines may form. Both Fordyce and Rison plan to sell as many tickets in advance as possible. We encourage everyone to buy their tickets in advance. We will open the gates at 5:30 to help get everyone inside the stadium in a timely fashion. No tickets will be sold after the start of the fourth quarter.

If you chose to sit in a lawn chair rather than the bleachers, please be aware that no one will be allowed to sit in lawn chairs in either end zone.

Persons exhibiting the odor of alcohol or drugs will be denied entry to the game. Children in K-6th grades will not be allowed to enter the game without a supervising adult who will be responsible for their conduct during the game. Children must sit with a supervising adult, and will be under adult supervision at all times. If any K-6 student is unsupervised, they are subject to removal from the game. The student’s parent of guardian will be contacted to come puck them up, or they will be turned over the local law enforcement. Once inside the stadium THERE WILL BE NO RE-ENTRY IF YOU EXIT THE STADIUM. Fordyce students will not be allowed to go to the visitors side during the game.

We ask that only clear bags are brought into the stadium. No purses or backpacks will be allowed that are not made of clear, see-through material.

No loitering and standing outside the fence or in parking areas will be tolerated. Fans are expected to remain in their seats during the game unless they are in line for the restroom or concession stands.

At the north end of the stadium, Cleveland Street and Kingsland Road will be barricaded. Please do not attempt to park at the north end of the stadium. We will have a heightened law enforcement presence. A number of Arkansas State Troopers, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, the Fordyce Police Department, and the Fordyce School District’s CSSO’s will be present and actively patrolling the crowd and parking lots.

At the conclusion of the ballgame, we ask that no one go onto the field for pictures. Players need to immediately get on the bus, and fans need to immediately exit the stadium.

We regret any inconvenience these measures create for our fans, but, as always, your safety and your child’s safety are our top priority at the Fordyce School District. Please abide by these safety guidelines. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. Let’s have a great ballgame!


Judy Hubbell, Ed. D.


Fordyce School District