The Weeknd is still chasing the sunrise of his new album, Dawn FM, because it seems he’s hard at work on the next music video.  

Taking to Instagram Monday, the Grammy winner teased a photo of a handwritten note and a navy blue folder has the the words “Out of Time” embossed on it in gold letters.  Fans believe this to be a script for the song of the same name.

The note reads, “Abel!  Looking forward to shooting another one with you today!  Have a great day.”  The letter is unsigned.

The Weeknd’s birth name is Abel Tesfaye.  He also captioned the teaser with numerous clock emojis, such as a watch, timer and even an hourglass.  No further information has been provided at this time. 

The Weeknd’s previously released the music video for “Gasoline,” “Sacrifice,” “Take My Breath” and, from his alternate world release of the album, “Moth to a Flame.”  He also partnered with Amazon Prime Video for his exclusive The Dawn FM Experience, an immersive musical special that he released last month.

The Weeknd released Dawn FM in January and will kick off a tour in support of his new album on July 8.

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