FX Networks has dropped the trailer to season 13 of Archer.

With Malory Archer’s exit — prompted by the real-life death of her alter-ego, Jessica Walter — the team on Archer is now jockeying for the leadership position of their spy agency.


Meanwhile H. Jon Benjamin‘s Sterling Archer vows to “keep my mother’s legacy alive” — by downing multiple drinks at the bar.

The new trailer has the team trying to outplay each other to take the big job, while of course taking part in your usual save-the-world spyjinks.

At one point, Lucky Yates‘ Dr. Krieger is shown being awoken from one of the hypersleep pods, as seen in Alien — to which he decries his lack of “me time,” and Archer is shown wearing boxers on a horse, jousting an enemy’s car with a lance tucked under his bare arm.


Archer is also seen jumping out of a plane, screaming the name of the FBI agent Keanu Reeves played in Point Break: “Johnny Utah!!!”

“Until now, I’ve been the careful, rule-respecting Archer,” he later intones with zero self-awareness. “But that is over!”

The new season kicks off Wednesday, August 24, at 10 p.m. ET on FXX and streams the next day on Hulu.


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