(MILWAUKEE) — The 2020 Democratic National Convention kicked off Monday night with a rendition of the national anthem sung virtually by a multicultural choir representing the United States.

The performance struck a chord on Twitter, where viewers called it moving, inspirational, beautiful, emotional and tear-jerking.

The diverse choir came together in just 10 days, according to Steve Fisher, founder of the Commonwealth Youth Choir in Philadelphia, who was asked by the Democratic National Convention Committee to assemble the group.

“Somehow, through the amazing efforts of my co-Artistic Director Dr. Elizabeth Parker and our entire staff, we did it,” Fisher said in a written statement.

Each chorister — sporting a red, white or blue shirt — was identified by where in the U.S. they hold ties, as they sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” All 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Cheyenne Nation and five territories were represented.

The 57-member choir also reflected different races, ethnicities, religions, ages and genders, Fisher said.

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