On Thursday, Netflix dropped the eagerly anticipated trailer to the fifth season of The Crown. 

Debuting on the streaming service November 9, the latest chapter shows “The Royal Family is in genuine crisis,” according to a TV personality.


Set to Oasis‘ “Bittersweet Symphony,” the trailer shows the marriage of Elizabeth Debicki‘s Princess Diana to Dominic West‘s Prince Charles unraveling before relentless paparazzi coverage. 

While Charles and Di head for a divorce, Imelda Staunton‘s Queen Elizabeth II and others protest. 

Jonny Lee Miller‘s PM John Major advises the Queen and her husband, Jonathan Pryce‘s Prince Phillip, “The House of Windsor should be binding the nation together, building an example of idealized family life…”


Major says the fracturing marriage, “can’t help but affect the stability of the country.”

Meanwhile, Diana is cracking under the pressure. “People will never understand how it’s been for me,” she laments. “I never stood a chance.” 

Another character notes of Di, “They see her as a threat.”


Prince Phillip advises Diana, “Remember the one…rule: You remain loyal to this family,” to which Diana protests, “You mean silent?” 

Phillip replies, “Yes. It’s a system, for better or for worse. We’re all stuck in it.”

While the establishment warns Diana is going to “tear down the temple,” she readies to sit before cameras in her famous 1995 tell-all interview. “I won’t go quietly,” she insists. “I’ll battle to the end.”


The trailer closes with Queen Elizabeth wondering aloud, “How did it come to this?”

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