The Police’s Andy Summers is getting ready to release a new EP of music inspired by his photographs. 

Vertiginous Canyons, dropping June 21, is a musical companion piece to his 2023 photography book A Series of Glances, with each track described as an “audiovisual snapshot” of a photo from the collection.

“This recording, Vertiginous Canyons, came about in a way somewhat different from my normal process,” says Summers, noting that after the publisher of the book requested he create music to accompany the photos, he thought, “Interesting – never have done that before!”

“I thought it should be something free-flowing, improvised much in the spirit of the photography itself,” he explains. “Therefore, I projected photographs from the book onto a screen and played through various devices and sounds for two or three hours and found my way into the tracks here. This approach seemed to be a truthful way to marry the camera and the guitar – photography and music.”

The first preview of the EP, “Into the Blue,” is available now via digital outlets.

And Summers fans can catch him incorporating his music and photography live on the latest leg of his The Cracked Lens + A Missing String Tour, which hits Rockport, Massachusetts, on June 4. A complete list of dates can be found at

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