One of the most popular tourist destinations for Beatles fans to visit is London’s Abbey Road Studios and the famous crosswalk in front of the facility, where the Fab Four were famously photographed walking across for the cover of their Abbey Road album.

Now, The Beatles are asking fans to share photos and videos they may have taken for use in an upcoming documentary about the studio, where the band recorded nearly all of their albums.

A message on The Beatles’ social media pages reads, “Have you ever made the pilgrimage to Abbey Road’s crossing, and captured the moment? [The] Ventureland [film production company] are looking for the best crossing selfies, photos and videos throughout the ages, to be included in a feature documentary on Abbey Road Studios. You can email yours in to [email protected].”

The film in question is the documentary If These Walls Could Sing, which Paul McCartney‘s daughter Mary is directing.

Details of the movie were first announced in January 2021 on Abbey Road Studios’ official website.

According to a press release posted on the site, the film will feature interviews with a star-studded cast of musicians and is intended to be the centerpiece of the studio’s 90th anniversary celebrations, which kicked off in last November.

For the making of the documentary, film crews were allowed to have intimate access to Abbey Road Studios’ premises for the first time ever.

Mary is an accomplished photographer who recently contributed photos to the packaging of her father’s latest album, McCartney III. She also co-founded the Meat Free Monday campaign with her father and her sister, Stella, to promote vegetarianism.

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