With nine women remaining and hometowns right around the corner, Monday’s episode of The Bachelor saw Clayton deciding on the three women whose families he’d meet, leading to one of the most heartbreaking eliminations of the season.

First, two of the ladies had a score to settle after Mara, angry over losing a one-on-one date to Sarah — who already had one — warned Clayton that the 23-year-old wasn’t ready for marriage. Clayton, without revealing his source, confronted Sarah with the accusation and, after an emotional conversation, gave her the date rose.

Back at the hotel, Mara told Sarah that she was the one who approached Clayton, leading to an argument between the two. The drama ended at the rose ceremony where Mara, along with Eliza, was sent home.

The action then moved to Vienna, Austria, where a Sarah, Teddi, Genevieve, Rachel and Gabby took turns opening up with an intimate couples’ therapy session. The task proved to be too daunting for Genevieve, forcing Clayton to send her home. 

At the conclusion, Clayton was rocked by the therapist’s observation that one of the remaining ladies wasn’t being honest with her answers. After speaking with each of them at the afterparty, Clayton determined that Sarah was the guilty party and sent her packing as well. He rejoined the others with the announcement that he couldn’t give any of them the date rose.

Elsewhere, a pair of one-on-one dates ended with Susie and Serene taking home date roses. That led to the most heartbreaking rose ceremony yet, as Teddi was sent packing.

Here are the four remaining women whose families Clayton will meet:

Gabby, 30, an ICU nurse from Denver, Colo.
Rachel, 25, a flight instructor from Clermont, Fla.
Serene, 26, an elementary school teacher from Oklahoma City, Okla.
Susie, 28, a wedding videographer from Virginia Beach, Va.

The Bachelor returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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