This past weekend, Teyana Taylor‘s second album K.T.S.E. finally dropped a few days after her release party in Los Angeles. But according to Taylor, the eight-track compilation produced by Kanye West will get another release. In a video interview, Taylor shared there were samples that hadn’t received clearance and therefore several tracks were left off of the album.  K.T.S.E. was filled with songs including “Rose In Harlem” and “Issues/Hold On.”  But Taylor later went on to state that when the album dropped, there was an “honest misunderstanding” of what samples received clearance. “We Got Love” is one song in particular which the artist said wasn’t included in the full release due to issues. Following the original drop, K.T.S.E. climbed the iTunes charts and landed the top spot in the R&B/Soul category.

Teyana Taylor Says That She is Releasing an Updated Version of ‘K.T.S.E.’


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