Tracks for Tekashi’s new album, Dummy Boy, began popping up online over the weekend. Shortly after the songs, including “TIC TOC” and “WAKA,” began circulating, Tekashi’s website began selling the full Dummy Boy album for $6.99

The LP was supposed to drop on November 23, but due to the rapper’s arrest and being charged with 6 felony counts, the album release was postponed. However shortly after the album went up, it was taken down from Tekashi’s online store.

6ix9ine is currently facing life in prison after his alleged involvement with a criminal enterprise, the Nine Trey Gangasta Bloods. Since his arrest, Tekashi’s attorney is claiming his image is “an act” and Tekashi is just an entertainer playing a character.

Tekashi 6ix9ine album leak: Dummy Boy leaks online, first on Tekashi 69 website


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