Taylor Swift admits she can sometimes be her own worst enemy in her new song “Anti-Hero,” and now, she’s challenging fans to do the same.

To celebrate the release of Midnights, her 10th studio album, Taylor has partnered with YouTube Shorts for the #TSAntiHeroChallenge. Basically, fans are encouraged to call themselves out while soundtracking the clip to the new single.

For those who think they’re perfect and are unable to participate, the challenge offered a few suggestions of the problematic things most people are guilty of, such as taking the last slice of pizza, putting off the laundry or clapping at the end of a movie.  

Taylor was first to embark on the challenge she created, openly admitting she thinks her cat, Benjamin Button, is her son. Fans might find this confession shocking since it is normally her two other cats — Meredith and Olivia — who hog the spotlight.

She followed up with another offering, which takes a more serious tone, confessing she is guilty of inflicting “self-imposed isolation” upon herself. She comically illustrates this by showing herself guiltily sitting in her bathtub.

By the end of this challenge, Swifties will have proudly joined Taylor in showing off their own anti-heroic traits.  While there’s no prize for those who participate, Taylor thinks we all could use a laugh and have a little fun at our own expense. 

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