We haven’t heard from Taylor Swift in a while, but she came out of hiding on Thursday night to join HAIM onstage during their concert in London.

Taylor also broke her social media hiatus by sharing a TikTok video of a fake fashion faux pas. It starts with HAIM putting on their black leather stage outfits then pans to the “Shake It Off” singer who is wearing the same exact thing.

HAIM sends a judgemental look over to Taylor, who stares back at them with a guilty expression. As this is going on, Children’s Song Factory‘s whimsical song “Copycat” is blaring in the background.

“Hitting copypaste on your friends’ looks like @haimtheband,” she captioned the post. 

HAIM was performing at London’s O2 arena on Thursday, which is their final U.K. date before they resume touring in North America. To celebrate, their old friend decided to crash the show.

A video taken by one fan sees Taylor strutting across the stage and telling the crowd, “I heard that my girls were playing in London at the O2 and I thought, ‘I’m gonna have to see them!’ And it looks like there’s about 20,000 other people who also thought that.”

“So, we had a thought,” she teased. “That if we were to do some sort of mashup, we can possibly, maybe, get you to sing the loudest that you’ve ever sung all night.” While the Grammy winner joked it might be “a challenge” for the crowd, the audience went wild as she began singing “Love Story” and mashed it up with HAIM’s hit “Gasoline.”

Taylor has a special connection to “Gasoline.” She appeared on a remix of HAIM’s song, which was included in the expanded edition of their album Women in Music Pt. III.

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