Meek Mill has temporarily lost his bid to remove the judge overseeing his probation violation case. The rapper spent five months in prison before his release in April, after lawmakers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania overturned Judge Genece Brinkley’s decision to keep him locked up for violating his probation, linked to a 2008 drug and gun bust. His punishment was widely considered overly harsh and Brinkley was accused of waging a personal vendetta against him. Meek’s lawyers have been working to remove the judge from the case and vacate the original conviction, claiming the arresting officer was named as part of a local police corruption scandal. However, judges at Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court have now temporarily denied the rapper’s request to remove Brinkely, but they have left the door open for Meek to file another motion at his court hearing on June 18.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Will Not Remove Judge Brinkley From Meek Mill’s Case


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