Students at Pine Bluff High School staged a walkout Thursday morning due to several grievances that they have with issues ongoing in the district.

The walkout began around 10 a.m. with students saying they are upset over the Superintendent Barbara Warren stating there are considerations in place to move all high school students to the Jack Robey campus at the beginning of the fall 2022 semester. Students are also upset over lives of classmates that have been lost due to violence within the community.

Warren addressed the student body inside of Jordan Stadium to say that she will meet with the Monday to discuss their concerns. She spoke with Deltaplex News after she addressed the student body to discuss the situation at hand.

Warren said that the voice of the student body is important, but it is hard to hear 800 students at once.

Warren said that there are plans to issue a survey to gather thoughts from students, and that while she was happy to address the student body during the protest, there are other appropriate ways to get their message heard.

Warren acknowledged that students were upset over the loss of a classmate that was murdered earlier this week, along with being upset about the possible move to Jack Robey.

At a meeting held Tuesday evening Warren said safety concerns are a big reason for the consideration to move students to Jack Robey. She reiterated that message following the protest.

She also stated that regardless of what happens the district must make sure they solve the problems at hand.

Warren said that the district does take action when a student death occurs, and they try to help in several ways.

Warren said that they always try to make sure counseling and other resources are in place to help support students.