The storms that ravaged Jefferson county Sunday evening took out the tower at the Deltaplex Radio station that has stood tall in Pine Bluff for over half a century.

We are working around the clock to fix tower for 99.3 The Beat, and also to get other stations on the air. The tower that fell also feeds signals to remote tower sites for our other three stations – The Train KTrain 104.5 FM, The Hog 98.1 FM, and Oldies 101.3 FM.

Our engineers are currently working to patch together ways to get signals to those other towers. Of course, with the huge power outages at tower sites, that is obstacle as well.

Insurance adjusters will be on site Wednesday and tower crews are expected to be here late this week to start the process of getting a new tower in the air for 99.3 The Beat.

We have signal for KTRN 104.5 FM, although it is not perfect at this time. Beginning Wednesday, April 15 will be airing news and weather updates frequently on KTRN 104.5.

Greg Horne and William Jenkins, who normally air their morning show on Oldies 101.3, will be live Wednesday morning on 104.5 FM, and will welcome Sheriff Lafayette Woods Jr, Pine Bluff Mayor Shirley Washington, County Judge Gerald Robinson, Pine Bluff School District Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Owoh, Pine Bluff City Council Member Bruce Locket, Insurance agent Kevin Bonnette, Simmons Banks Daniel Robinson and much more local news and information.

99.3 The Beats “Talk Back Live” with Floyd Donald will air at its regular time 9-11 am on 104.5 FM as well. Meanwhile, Billy Coble who is normally on 98.1 the Hog in the mornings, will drive you home from 2-6 p.m.

Deltaplex Radio General Manager Greg Horne released the following statement for Deltaplex Radio listeners.

“I have been around radio my entire life and I’ve never been around a situation where a tower fell,” said Horne. “We are working as fast as we can to solve the engineering issues.  We are honored that so many Deltaplex residents rely on us for news, information and entertainment. Our commitment to provide that for you will never waiver. You can continue to get all the local Deltaplex area news and information on, and KTRN 104.5 FM. I am pleased that we have one signal up as of now and we are working as fast as we can and expect to have two more of our signals airing within a few days. We appreciate your trust and your patience during this difficult time. Please tune in to KTRN 104.5 for your local news, weather, and information.”

Listen to the audio below for more from General Manager Greg Horne.

Below you will fine photos of The Beat 99.3 tower that was blown over by high winds during Sunday’s storms.